Self-care and grounding techniques are increasingly recognised as crucial tools for healthcare staff – particularly given the overwhelming the demands on colleagues in the sector and the seemingly never-ending and increasingly pressurised environment we all work within.

The impact of this upon staff is surfacing in record levels of burnout, with 44% of NHS nurses and 37% of NHS doctors feeling emotionally exhausted, and over two in three of all healthcare staff feeling as though their mental health has worsened due to the pressures brought on by the pandemic – many of which we still feel today. This, added to pressures brought by other aspects such as industrial action, waiting lists and budget cuts only really heightens the importance of ensuring we take proactive steps to remain well at work.

Studies show that grounding techniques and self-care strategies can help alleviate the strain on healthcare professionals. The British Journal of Nursing found that mindfulness and relaxation techniques reduced stress levels among nurses by 30%, while helping build resilience and job satisfaction.

This page serves to provide you with some of the self-care tools and grounding techniques that might be useful in helping you to reap such benefits and help you remain well at work.