Introduced at Gateshead Health back in summer 2021, health and wellbeing check-ins are designed to provide colleagues with a regular opportunity to be supported.

Health and wellbeing check-ins provide colleagues with a chance to chat with their line manager around any particular needs or concerns in relation to their own health and wellbeing. In turn, managers can then signpost to relevant and useful resources, helping our colleagues to take care of themselves.

Designed as a relaxed and casual opportunity for you and your manager to have a chat, ensure that you’re taking care of yourself and make sure that you feel supported by the Trust, check-ins should take place regularly but at least annually.

Outcomes of a check-in might include being signposted to relevant support, agreeing adjustments to your working environment or simply helping you feel more comfortable in raising any concerns with your manager.

A check-in can take place at any time – this could be over a cup of coffee or in a 1-to-1. Below you can find resources for both colleagues and managers, helping you build a well-rounded understanding of their purpose.