The Gateshead Listening Project is a multi-pathway approach to listening to the people in our organisation, which provides opportunities to reflect on your experiences throughout Covid within your teams or an individual basis.

Covid’s arrival saw the way we live and work change in so many ways. We’ve all had experiences that few of us could have predicted. Initiatives within the Listening Project provide you with a cathartic opportunity to reflect on those.

And while the Covid-19 era is the initial focus, the Listening Project will inevitably evolve as reflection and discussion of diverse life experiences is also welcome. The aim is to build a repository of resources and conversations, both marking the historical nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to enable wider learning around various topics.

There will be opportunities for in-person listening, listening to recordings of conversations and experiences, and written word pieces as part of the long-term project – more of which can be learned about below.