As outlined in the national NHS health and wellbeing framework, managers and leaders play a key role in the experiences of staff at every organisation, and Gateshead Health is no exception.

This page exists to detail the kind of support available to managers to enhance health and wellbeing locally within their teams – whether by taking a more proactive approach to integrating health and wellbeing within your team, ensuring that you’re meeting expectations around such as health and wellbeing check-ins or playing your part in helping to build and encourage a healthier culture within and throughout #TeamGateshead.

Staff Survey 2022 results highlighted that as much as 1 in 4 colleagues do not believe that their immediate manager values their work. Contributing to this, data suggests that feedback, inclusive decision-making, a proactive approach to individual wellbeing, encouragement and recognition were all areas in which managers could find further improvement.

With data also telling us that staffing challenges are contributing to burnout and fatigue, work-life balance remains a challenge for many and that many colleagues feel pressured to attend work even when not well enough, it is unsurprising that our data also suggests relationships are increasingly strained within teams.

Utilising some of the resources, information and advice on this page can help drive meaningful changes to the benefit of your teams – hopefully setting us in a better direction.