BAME Network

Global Ethnic Majority

Gateshead’s Global Ethnic Majority (GEM) Network is a vibrant staff-led group that endeavours to create a supportive working environment and policy framework for BAME staff while also encouraging all staff and students within the trust to understand the needs of our BAME community – hence providing better patient care.

Membership is open to all GEM staff and students within the trust, and to those who are passionate in promoting equity for GEM staff and students and patient experience. Allies are welcomed to attend network meetings and can therefore support our Trust’s journey toward inclusive excellence.

This network meets every third Wednesday of the month at 1pm at QE Hospital. You can follow this network on Twitter, @ghnt_bame, or join the network by emailing them on the button below.

D-Ability Network Logo


Gateshead’s D-Ability network provides a voice within the Trust for disability equality.

Our D-Ability staff network is explicit about helping individuals to understand the broad parameters of disability. The network supports staff with any kind of disability – visible or not, and also support staff who do not consider themselves to be disabled.

This network’s vision is to encourage respect, dignity & equality for all; to further positive culture around disability; to assist the Trust in improving recruitment, retention and development of disabled staff; to act as a safe point of contact for disabled staff and enable them to achieve their potential; to identify and raise strategic issues of concern that affect disabled staff and support positive change for them; and to act as a disability champion by raising awareness of issues and responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act and improving staff experience

This network meet the second Wednesday of every month at 1pm, currently via Teams. You can follow the network on Twitter, @ghntd_ability.

LGBT+ Network


Gateshead’s LGBT+ Network know that staff who feel fully supported at work to be themselves and who are able to be open with colleagues and managers have better mental wellbeing, increased motivation and therefore can provide better care to our patients.

Our LGBT+ network is open to all employees that will provide support and a safe space for LGBT+ staff and allies; help to build a culture where LGBT+ staff know they have the full support of the Trust – right from Board to ward level; and hold the Trust to account when it comes to the LGBT+ agenda and drive change towards a fully inclusive culture.

All are welcome to join the LGBT+ Network, regardless of whether you identify as LGBT+ or as an ally who wants to help make Gateshead Health a more inclusive and supporitve place to work.

This network currently meet the third Friday of every month at 9:00am. You can follow the network on Twitter, @ghntlgbt, or email them via the button below.