With over 10,000,000 people in the UK struggling with their financial wellbeing and an economic climate that isn’t exactly thriving, taking steps to maintain or improve our financial wellbeing is a fantastic idea for most if not all of us.

The #GHMoneyMatters campaign was launched to provide #SomethingForEveryone, and nothing better encapsulates this than the launch of the #GHMoneyMatters Guide to Financial Wellbeing.

Bringing together all of the financial wellbeing offers available to #TeamGateshead colleagues, the guide covers everything from how to save when shopping to where to turn when struggling with debt; how to get your hands on free event tickets to how to access free support to quit smoking or cut down on drinking.

Better still we regularly update the guide, which can be downloaded below, ensuring it’s always a relevant reflection of our financial wellbeing offer as we continue to develop it throughout the #GHMoneyMatters campaign lifetime!

So why wait? Scroll down and start benefitting below!