Your Health and Wellbeing team sit within the Trust’s wider Occupational Health team, and work with various partners such as the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System’s Staff Wellbeing Hub.

The team look to provide you with support across various areas of wellbeing. To help simplify this and make it more easily-accessible to you, we split our support offerings across self-care as well as physical, mental, social, environmental and financial wellbeing.

Our ultimate aim is to help you find balance, and you can learn more about our strategic approach to doing so below.

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Meet the Team

Sitting within the wider Occupational Health team, your health and wellbeing team is comprised of:

  • Claire Burkitt: Our health and wellbeing administrator, Claire keeps the team on-track and can regularly be found out and about at health and wellbeing stalls promoting relevant support, resources and offerings throughout the Trust. Claire has been with the Trust for decades and is an incredibly valuable member of both our team as well as the wider Trust!
  • Sarah White: Sarah has previously worked within medical areas at Gateshead and also enjoyed a spell within our IT team. Sarah is our health and wellbeing facilitator, and now does fantastic work for colleagues, leading in the formation and delivery of various wellbeing activities and support groups, delivering training to new colleagues and helping spread the word about our Balance offering.
  • Dale Jones: Dale shifted into the role of health and wellbeing lead in mid-2022, having previously worked in tandem with the team as their internal communications link at Gateshead Health. Accountable for the team’s work, Dale works with key stakeholders throughout the Trust to try drive improvements and changes.


Health and Wellbeing Guardian

Dr Ruth Bonnington is our Health and Wellbeing Guardian here at Gateshead Health, and sits on the Board as a Non-Executive Director. Find out more about Ruth, her role as Guardian and how she ensures that staff health and wellbeing always has a voice at the highest level here.

Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy:

Gateshead Health’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy is to be enacted between 2022 – 2024, and is derived from the latest NHS England Health and Wellbeing Framework.

To find out more about our organisational staff health and wellbeing strategy, visit our dedicated page via the button below – where you’ll be able to view a summary video, learn more and download a copy of the strategy.

NHS Framework

NHS England Health and Wellbeing Framework

NHS England’s new health and wellbeing framework clearly sets out the areas which have the most impact on the health and wellbeing of the people who work within our organisation.

To find out more about each of these areas and the components of work which sit within them to help us better health and wellbeing at Gateshead, click below.

Our current priorities - areas of focus

Our current areas of focus

The health and wellbeing programme board help hold the organisation to account with regards to ensuring we enact our strategy.

There are currently two key workstreams being reported on at the board’s monthly meetings, which are titled getting the basics right and psychological support. Both of these workstreams are designed to feed into various focus areas within the framework above.