The health and wellbeing ambassador role is one that is voluntary and aims to help strengthen the link between the organisation’s health and wellbeing work and the people within your team.  

The HWB Ambassador role largely revolves around the sharing of information – both from the organisation to the team, and from the team back to the organisation. Ambassadors are often the first point of contact for colleagues with a health and wellbeing query – so an ambassador’s interest in all things health and wellbeing is essential, whether it’s our offer here at Gateshead or what is avaliable more widely. The role often requires ambassadors to point colleagues in the right direction towards further help and guidance, whether that be to a support service, by finding out what is avaliable through the health and wellbeing team or looking at what is available more widely.

Some ambassadors also go out of their way to improve experiences providing updates in meetings, regularly feeding back at monthly ambassador meetings, participating in the ambassador WhatsApp group, holding competitions and events within their teams and more.

Below you can find all of our ambassadors, split into their respective business units to help make it easier to find one near you!

To learn more about the role of an ambassador, please download the role description through the button below and express your interest by emailing us on [email protected].