Alcohol support isn’t just for those who feel they have a problematic relationship or dependency on alcohol – simply understanding our intake can help lower our risk, meaning support can be beneficial for many of us.

Of course, for those with a dependance of high alcohol intake, support is also available. The NENC ICS provides all Gateshead colleagues with access to DrinkCoach, an end-to-end support platform that helps you better understand, manage and measure your intake, track your consumption, calories and cost; and support those at higher risk through the creation of personalised plans, signposting towards local support and even access confidential 1:1 support from specialists.

Below you can find out more about DrinkCoach and how to access this offer – as well as other support available. For those who would like Occupational Health support with alcohol, please refer to the Occupational Health Self-Referral form via StaffZone.