As an NHS colleague, there are also a number of handy platforms you can access – often completely free of charge – to help you keep active.

Below you can find more information about a selection of these platforms.

Home Workout Exercise

The Body Coach

The Boady Coach app, led by popular fitness coach Joe Wicks, is free to all NHS workers for three months as thanks for your continued hard work.

Colleagues who sign up to the app, which is available on iOS and Android, can benefit from access to fun exercise routines and nutritious recipes.

All of the content on the app is designed to help you stay well both mentally and physically while you continue to support and care for the public through the care you provide.



Fit4TheFight is a free platform for NHS colleagues, by NHS colleagues. The platform, which is also known as the #DoingOurBit platform, is host to dozens of free workouts.

Fit4TheFight was founded by NHS colleague Julie Davis during lockdown, and is available to all Gateshead Health colleagues.

FitOn App

FitOn App

FitOn is a free fitness app which allows you to work out any time, anywhere, and which features workouts from celebrity trainers.

The app comes highly-endorsed by Health and Wellbeing Ambassador, Heather Pizl, who shares that the app “tailors to the individual and is great for getting people moving, especially when it’s cold outside!”.


Digital weight management NHS programme

Digital Weight Management Programme

The Digital Weight Management Programme by the NHS provides colleagues that are living with obesity with the support needed to stay healthy and active.

Colleagues who join will enjoy a free 12-week weight management programme, designed to offer personally tailored support to participants who want to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Any NHS colleague is eligible to participate in the programme, but you must be over 18 and have a BMI of over 30. For those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups, the required BMI score is lowered to 27.5 due to increased risk of Type 2 diabetes. You can calculate your BMI here.

Couch to 5k

Couch to 5K

The NHS Couch to 5K app helps you to gradually build yourself up to running 5km inside just 9 weeks. The app provides a running plan for beginners and involves 3 runs a week, giving you a rest day in between and a different schedule for each of your 9 weeks.

A perfect starting point for those looking to get more active or get into running, the app helps you to do so without overdoing it, ensuring focus is on progression, building your fitness and stamina and achieving goals.