Gateshead Health is home to dozens of Professional Nurse Advocates (PNAs), who are part of a programme which aims to deliver training and restorative supervision for colleagues and teams within #TeamGateshead.

The programme aims to play a key part in the continued recovery from pressures brought upon staff throughout the pandemic, bringing benefit to our patients, our services and our people.

Our Professional Nurse Advocates are equipped with the skills and confidence to facilitate restorative supervision with colleagues and teams, both in nursing and elsewhere. Their main repsonsibility is to support and encourage, while helping you to find your own solutions to any struggles and difficulties you may be having. They can listen, provide understanding around the challenges and demands you face, and help to support and initiative and deliver quality improvements in response to your feedback.

In addition to our PNAs, the organisation is also home to a number of PMAs – Professional Midwifery Advocates, who perform a similar function only for our Maternity department. Details of our PMAs can also be found below.

While the Professional Nurse Advocates service is there specifically for registered nurses, it is also worth noting that this can also be delivered to a team.

All of our PNAs and PMAs are there to support you and our frontline teams. To find out who they are, scroll down towards the bottom of this page – or to learn more about what they do, give the video below a watch!