A recently-released guide is helping teams, managers and leaders to boost resiliency and relationships by taking a more proactive approach towards building a health and wellbeing culture.

The guide, titled ‘Looking After Your Team’s Health and Wellbeing’, has been designed to help you and your team explore what being a part of healthy team looks like and means for you – and begin driving improvements towards this.

Linked closely to the NHS national health and wellbeing framework – from which our own organisational wellbeing strategy is centred on, the pack helps prompt teams to collaborate through a series of sections, activities and ideas which focus on helping improve wellbeing at work at a pace that best suits you. Within the guide are sections focusing on identifying your goals, knowing where to look for support and advice, boosting relationships within the team and much more.

Suitable for all teams and functions, the guide has been well-recieved by other NHS organisations with one commenting:

“We now have protected time as a team, a dedicated one hour where we focus together on health and wellbeing.  We try to do different things which focus on both mental and physical aspects of health.”

Pilot Site Feedback

Yesterday we responded to staff feedback in our recent Health Needs Assessment to launch an area highlighting the importance of quality rest in relation to fatigue and sleep problems.

Another theme from this work was increased mental health support, and in acknowledgement of the role work plays we’ve also today launched a new manager support area, featuring the likes of this guide as well as more resources designed to improve experiences on a more local level within teams. This will be developed over a period of time to provide a one-stop shop for managers.