Gateshead Health’s Staff Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2022 – 2025) outlines the background and context around wellbeing both nationally and here at Gateshead.

Furthermore, the strategy outlines the current state of affairs with regards to staff health and wellbeing here at Gateshead, and reflects upon what work has been done to support colleagues following the pandemic.

The strategy uses your feedback to validate the notion that there is still plenty of work to be done to better support all of our staff – whether that be individually, collectively or in a more targeted manner in relation to personal characteristics, profiles, areas and more.

And those who read the strategy will be able to identify how the organisation holds itself to account with regards to supporting staff health and wellbeing in a number of ways, including information on aspects such as the governance structure of the health and wellbeing programme board and the workstreams which are reported upon within it; and we will hold ourselves to account in taking a more proactive approach to reducing any gaps in staff experience based on various variables.

Our organisational health and wellbeing brand Balance is profiled, with coverage of the rationale and aims behind the brand, and what it will look to achieve over the coming years. These aims and objectives come in the form of a series of commitments up against the national health and wellbeing framework; applied locally through planned projects for the period between 2022-23.