We are currently in the midst of World Alzheimer’s Month, taking place throughout September and aiming to raise awareness about and challenge stigma around Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Back in May we marked Dementia Action Week with the launch of our dedicated Dementia webpage, providing information and resources including info on the differences between Alzheimer’s and Dementia, as well as signposting to local support groups.

Also available are support around areas of your personal wellbeing that you can improve to help reduce your risk of dementia – such as our free stop smoking support or free alcohol support with a qualified alcohol treatment specialist.

More than 850,000 UK citizens suffer with dementia, a figure that is on the rise and which impacts women disproportionately – something of particular importance when considering our workforce is predominantly made up of women. Those from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background are also at a higher risk of dementia, with our risk of experiencing it growing as we age.

Of course, dementia and Alzheimer’s can also impact those around us – not just ourselves. For those helping care for others with dementia, we advise you check out our Working Carer support page, where you’ll be able to find information on how carer’s passports can help the organisation and your manager more effectively support you; learn about the Gateshead Health Carer’s Circle and find signposting to other local support groups.

For more information on Alzheimer’s, Dementia, the month and Alzheimer’s Awareness Day on 21st September, visit the Alzheimer’s Society.