1 in 10 LGBT+ NHS colleagues report that they have experienced discrimination from their colleagues. Indeed, 5.7% of respondents to the 2023 Staff Survey from Gateshead Health told us that they had experienced discrimination in some form another colleague.

It goes without saying that discrimination of any form, from or towards colleagues is not acceptable and Gateshead Health, and falls under our Zero Tolerance approach to unacceptable behaviours.

Of course, somes instances of sexual orientation discrimination may be more clear-cut or serious than others. Regardless, all of these are unacceptable and this only heigthens the need to increase our awareness of what is not acceptable through means such as inclusivity training or through interaction with our It’s Not Okay campaign around microagressions.

Here, we provide you with all the information you need to report an instance of sexual orientation discrimination, as well as signposting to both internal and external sources of support should you have had the misfortune of experiencing this.