Gateshead Health colleagues can access a free level 1 certificate in wellbeing by attending a free course available through Gateshead College starting this Monday 13th February.

This Level 1 Certificate in wellbeing aims to provides you thorough understanding of a wide range of wellbeing topics.  This popular course is suitable for individuals who want to learn more about their own and others’ wellbbeing.

Each unit will take approximately 3 hours to complete and there will be one unit per week for 5 weeks.

The five units include:

  • What is Wellbeing: Overview of the 5 steps to Wellbeing
  • Alcohol Awareness: This unit will make you more of the differences in unit strengths  and be more aware of the effects that alcohol misuse can have on others
  • Stress Awareness:  Learn about  what is meant by stress and the causes and how to reduce the effects of stress
  • Personal Safety: You will be able to recognise potential risks to personal safety and possessions and minimise the risk and how to respond to conflict situations
  • Dementia Awareness: This unit will make you aware of the most common types of dementia and good practice in caring for an individual with dementia

To apply for any of the courses please email [email protected] with the reference BHAWA. You will need to include your name, postal address, contact number and email address.  You will also need to inform the college if you would like your course learning pack sent out electronically or posted to you.

Once the College has received your details you will receive an electronic or postal course learning pack before the start of the course consisting of a welcome letter, the Newcastle College learning agreement, a course workbook, the course learning log, the course resource book and details of their freepost address.