Neurodiversity Celebration Week is an initiative that challenges stereoytpes and misconceptions around neurological differences and aims to change who neurodivergent individuals are perceived and supported.

To mark the occasion, we’re today pleased to launch a new neurodiversity support page – which offers support which may be of use to both neurodivergent colleagues as well as those looking to more effectively support them.

Neurodivergent people provide a wealth of different thinking and learning styles which greatly enrich our society, with common strengths including focus, creativity, innovation, detail and authenticity.

On our newest page, we promote internal training opportunities, reasonable adjustments and workplace support options, as well as local organisations who may be able to offer further support.


The official Neurodiversity Celebration Week website has put together a calendar of events for the week ahead, all of which are free to attend and being recorded for those who can’t make it. To receive recordings direct to your inbox, just register for event(s) you’re interested in and they’ll be sent directly to you afterwards.


To sign up to an event, just scroll through the calendar here.