Guidance available through both the Manager Support area of and the Occupational Health & Wellbeing area on StaffZone has been created to provide #TeamGateshead colleagues with the knowledge and confidence to act and support colleagues in need should the situation ever arise.

The recently-released guide for supporting staff who are experiencing a mental health crisis is likely to be of particular use for leaders – but could be of use to all staff across the Trust, ensuring that we are all equipped with a knowledge and understanding of the appropriate steps to take, support routes that might be accessed and principles of support that we may offer ourselves. Also included is information on how we might access support for ourselves after supporting a colleague in distress.

To help equip our leaders, the document has been hosted on our Manager Guides page – a page which aims to equip leaders with guidance and advice concerning some of the most challenging situations they might face as a manager in relation to the health and wellbeing of their staff. Also available on this page is information about referrals to Occupational Health services, as well as guidance on responding to a traumatic event.

To download a copy of the guide for supporting staff who are experiencing a mental health crisis, simply click the button below. Or, to be taken to our Manager Support area (where you’ll also find a button for the Manager Guides page), just click the banner at the bottom of this news item.