As well as Mental Health Awareness Week and Learning at Work Week, this week is also Dementia Action Week, and to mark the occasion we’re delighted to launch our newest support webpage.

Our new dementia support page aims to provide colleagues with an improved awareness of dementia, which impacts over 850,000 UK citizens. As a predominantly female workforce, many of our colleagues find themselves at higher risk of dementia – with 2 in 3 cases experienced by women. Further, evidence suggests that those from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background are at higher risk of developing dementia, while we know that as we grow older, the likelihood of experiencing dementia increases amongst all of us.

Additionally, the page also exists to signpost to support available for those who are supporting others with dementia. Being a working carer of any kind can be a challenging and emotionally draining responsibility, and it is our aim to provide those who are with access to and awareness of support which helps you to be the best possible carer for your loved one.

Those who visit our page can also check out the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Directory, providing signposting to suitable activities and social groups for those with dementia; information on carehomes and care or support in the home; daycare support; information, support and advice; support in the community and transport.

Dementia event:

This Friday at Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead, Gateshead Admiral Nurse Services are hosting their own Dementia Action Week event between 10:00am – 12:00pm. Many services will be on-hand at the event, providing information and advice for carers, as well as information on further support available in the local area. Anyone is free to attend.

Reduce your risk of dementia:

Earlier in the year, we also celebrated No Smoking Day – which focused in on how quitting can help to reduce your risk of dementia. To find out more about the help we can provide you to quit – including the provision of free tailored support and free nicotine replacement products such as patches or a refillable E-Cigarette, visit our stop smoking page.