As well as International Women’s Day, today marks No Smoking Day 2023 – an annual event that encourages you to make a quit attempt.

This year, we’re focusing in on the impact of smoking and how it can increase your risk of dementia. Less than one in five smokers in the North East are aware that smoking increases risk of dementia – but did you know that stopping smoking improves your brain health?

Smoking increases our risk of vascular problems and introduce poisonous chemicals which cause inflammation and kill off brain cells and neurons. Vascular problems increase our risk of dementia, while the death of our brain cells and neurons can cause Alzheimer’s Disease.

Why smoking is harmful to your mental health.

Many are under the impression that smoking can help alieviate stress – but this is actually a myth too. Smoking interferes with certain chemicals in the brain, and the craving for a cigarette is one which makes you irritable and anxious. While those feelings might be relieved for a short while when smoking, your body will soon crave another – placing you in an endless loop and one which means smokers are more likely to develop depression.

Contraty to popular belief then, quitting is actually proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, further solidifying the positive impact that quitting can have on your brain health. Those who quit report feeling much calmer, more positive and having a better quality of life. In fact, effects of quitting are proven to be similar to taking antidepressants.

Making quitting easier:

If you want to stop smoking, we’re home to a host of fantastic support. Our team offers all colleagues free access to 12 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products or a refillable e-cigarette, helping you with cravings, as well as access to personalised support where desired.

To find out more about the support available to you, just visit our stop smoking page via the button below!