World Mental Health Day 2023 takes place on Tuesday 10th October, and this year focuses in on its theme ‘mental health is a universal right’.

Aimed at raising awareness of mental health and driving positive changes for all, World Mental Health Day encourages us to all stop and consider what we might do to improve our own mental health.

To help mark the occasion, the D-Ability Network will be teaming up with the health and wellbeing team to hold a stall on the day in The Hub at the QE Hospital, where you will find colleagues on hand between 11:30am – 2:00pm.

Also in attendance will be representatives of our friends at Gateshead Talking Therapies, who regularly visit us on-site to share more information with collleagues around their services and how they can support those who are feeling anxious, depressed or stressed.

For further information on mental health and wellbeing support available to you, check out our mental wellbeing support area – which includes information such as who our mental health first aiders are, how you can access counselling services, what other internal support is available, what Schwartz Rounds are and how they might help you, who are partners are and how you can access their services and much more.

We hope to see you on Tuesday and would appreciate you showing your support!