Training dates for health and wellbeing focused-training sessions throughout 2024 have now been confirmed and are available for #TeamGateshead colleagues to book onto.

Monthly Health and Wellbeign Awareness sessions will be provided, offering staff the opportunity to get a foundation-level understanding of our broader health and wellbeing offer here at Gateshead. The 60-minute session provides an introduction to our offer and website, covering our six key areas of focus and providing information and signposting to some of our key partners and support services. The session also offers advice on where you can point colleagues to when they’re seeking further support in any particular area.

These sessions take place on-site in the Listening Space at the QE Hospital. Dates for these sessions are set as follows:

  • 30th January, 12:00pm
  • 22nd February, 12:00pm
  • 18th March, 12:00pm
  • 23rd April, 12:00pm
  • 20th May, 12:00pm
  • 27th June, 12:00pm
  • 30th July, 12:00pm
  • 24th September, 12:00pm
  • 22nd October, 12:00pm
  • 18th November, 12:00pm
  • 10th December, 12:00pm

To book onto these sessions, you’ll need to do so via ESR. Comprehensive instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Mental Health in the Workplace:

Also confirmed are dates for our Mental Health in the Workplace session, taking place quarterly in the Listening Space and lasting 90 minutes.

Attendees of this training will benefit from a better understanding of the importance of supporting colleagues and their mental health in the workplace; better recognise signs of poor mental health in others; learn more about the importance of impactful conversations around mental health; unearth new sources of help and support and improve when it comes to supporting colleagues with mental health challenges. The session is suitable for all but may be of particular use to leaders and managers, health and wellbeing ambassadors and those who regularly support colleagues.

Confirmed dates and times for this training are as follows:

  • 14th March – 10:00am
  • 18th June – 1:30pm
  • 19th September – 1:00pm
  • 2nd December – 10:00am

To book onto one of these sessions, you’ll need to do so via ESR. Comprehensive instructions on how to do this can be found here.