The NHS Staff Council met in early May to agree on a decision on NHS pay, with the majority of workers and their unions voting to accept the Agenda for Change pay offer.

With pay rises across all bands in addition to a one-off lump sum payment for staff, many will be wondering how the news impacts them.

To help you understand how the change impacts you, NHS Employers have put together a handy page which shows what the pay deal means for each individual pay grade, making it much easier to work out how the changes, which will kick off from next month’s payday, will impact you.

Find out what the Agenda for Change pay deal means for you by visiting the NHS Employers website and selecting your banding.

For some it may be better for the lump sum to be paid across several months, rather than together in a single month’s pay. An example of this might be if you receive Universal Credit, where any changes to monthly income will directly impact the value of these payments.

If you would like to request the payments in several instalments, please complete this form and return it to [email protected] before 4pm on Friday 31 May. You can also download guidance from staff zone.