Between 3rd – 31st January, we want to hear from all colleagues on their experience of flexible working here at Gateshead Health, as well as the cost-of-living support we provide as a Trust.

We want you to make your voices heard! By completing this short survey, you can inform the way we approach flexible working and cost-of-living support as a Trust – in a way that really meets the needs of our people.

All members of staff can complete this short survey, including bank staff, students, retire and return colleagues and more. The feedback from this survey will also be used in conjunction with the results from the 2022 Annual Staff Survey to inform future actions.

The National Quarterly People Pulse survey only takes 5 minutes to complete and has a focus each quarter. As mentioned earlier, this quarter’s focus is on Flexible Working and Cost of Living. Some questions include:

  • What does flexible working mean to you?
  • I feel my organisation champions flexible working.
  • I know where to access financial wellbeing support if I need to.
  • What more can Gateshead Health do to help you with the cost of living?

Please complete this survey as well as forwarding this to your teams and encouraging them to take 5 minutes to complete.

To complete the survey, you can scan the QR code below or visit