May marks Skin Cancer Awareness Month, helping raise awareness about one of the most common but preventable types of cancer.

There are more than 16,000 newly-diagnosed melanoma skin cnacer cases per year in the UK alone. The main cause of this is in overexposure to UV radiation – making around 86% of melanoma cases preventable.

Contributing to the issue, over 70% of UK citizens are unaware of the correct sun protection factor (SPF) to use when applying sunscreen – heightening their risk. Of course, this makes awareness the key to protecting yourself – whether it be knowing the risk factors, practicing good sun safety or checking  your skin regularly for any changes – which is key in detecting skin cancer when it is at its easiest to treat.

For guidance on how to check your ksin, please take five minutes to visit our Melanoma page, where you can also find guidance on how best to protect yourself as well as where you can seek support if you’re suffering from skin cancer.