Checking the weather, planning journeys and interacting with friends and family – many of us use the internet daily for lots of different reasons. Unfortunately, it can sometimes come with risks, some of which can significantly impact lives in a negative way.

Today marks Internet Day, which is all about giving people the tools they need to protect their money, avoid scams and stay safe online. Our financial wellbeing provider, Salary Finance, has put together a blog to help you spot, and respond to internet scams.

Our partners at Citizens Advice Gateshead have also put together a staff bulletin in the past to help keep #TeamGateshead colleagues safe online, and might be a useful place to turn to if you’ve experienced issues. Of course, staying up to date with the latest training is also a great way to stay scam aware – and joining our staff Facebook group where common scams are regularly reported might not be a bad idea, either.

To find out more about the support available from Salary Finance, you can either visit: or check out their dedicated page on our site.


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