New guidance for managers aimed at helping them to effectively support colleagues in crisis has now been launched and is available to download readily through the Manager Support area of

Also available to download at any time under the ‘Urgent Support’ section of the Occupational Health and Wellbeing page on StaffZone, the guidance outlines the steps a manager should take to support colleagues in crisis and should be used in the first instance – making proactive awareness of its contents all the more important.

Within, the guide explains what to do when someone presents with a mental health crisis or emergency by:

  • outlining the appropriate routes of support you should look to utilise to effectively support a colleague in crisis
  • advising on principles of the support you might offer personally, expanding on how listening, reassuring and remaining calm are likely to be of benefit
  • providing information and signposting for support aimed at those who are in a situation where they are supporting or have supported a colleagues in crisis
  • expanding on further support routes available for those in crisis

We ask that all managers familiarise themselves with the two-page document so as to ensure that support in any such situation is both appropriate and timely and avoid any time wasted in looking to understand what the appropriate steps are to support a colleague. Those with any further enquiries about the contents of the guide are asked to get in touch via e-mail on [email protected].

Further support aimed at managers, including resources to conduct health and wellbeing conversations, information on development opportunities such as managing well, leading well and coaching; support available through our OD team and more can all be found on our manager support page.