This month our congratulations go to Emma Scott, who has been named June’s Star of the Month by the Executive Team for their outstanding contribution.

Emma who works within the East Locality Team and was nominated by Sarah Kershaw and Charlotte Webber, was recently awarded with a voucher for either an afternoon tea for two or a treat tray from The Hub at the QE as a token of appreciation for their fantastic effort.

Why Emma is a star: 

“Emma is an outstanding healthcare assistant who always goes above and beyond her role. Her experience and skills are very valuable. Recently Emma encountered a traumatic scene in the community. A person had been stabbed in daylight in a street and Emma was the first on the scene while driving to a patient’s home, she noticed him. Emma’s compassion and act of bravery needs to be recognised. She was able to keep the person calm before help arrived and she observed for signs of deterioration/loss of consciousness. Emma is brave, compassionate and caring and her skills, knowledge and experience.

“Emma came across a collapsed member of the public while driving to her first patient early on Sunday morning (4/6/23).  She discovered that the gentleman had been stabbed several times and had a particularly heavily bleeding wound to his leg.  Emma phoned for an ambulance, stayed with the injured person and administered first aid, keeping him calm while waiting for further help to arrive.”

To nominate a star, visit the new Star Awards intranet area – where you’ll find both You’re A Star nominations and nominations for our annual Star Awards, which are open until 31st July 2023.