QE Charitable Funds is a charity that aims to improve the experiences of patients, visitors and staff across Gateshead Health. To help make this happen, Staff Health and Wellbeing has its own fund within the charity.

Our fund enables you to make donations directly to staff health and wellbeing – meaning you can be assured that any donation provided is reinvested directly into staff health and wellbeing matters – whether an activity, event, session or otherwise!

We utilise donated funds to ensure that our staff and volunteers have access to appropriate support. This might be in more specialised areas such as the provision of suitable counselling in mental wellbeing or the provision of physiotherapy and regular activity groups in physical health – but may also be used towards more targeted work, such as supporting team events, making improvements to break and rest areas or creating new partnerships to help ensure our colleagues are well-supported.

Regardless of the size of your contribution, your support is hugely valued. Whether you’re a colleague looking to support other colleagues, a patient or patient’s family looking to demonstrate your appreciation for our fantastic team or otherwise, every contribution is massively appreciated.