The ShinyMind app gives people the power to shine, improve their wellbeing, build confidence and transform their lives, and access to the platform is available to all NHS colleagues completely free of charge.

An evidence-based, proven mental health and wellbeing app which was co-created with the NHS, ShinyMind is targeted primarily towards nurses, midwives and healthcare support workers.

The app is accessible free to anyone with an email address, and is available to download on both Android and iOS devices. The contents within are also suitable for those in roles outside of those listed above.

ShinyMind is a proven concept which can help you to improve your mood, increase positivity, manage stress and boost your overall wellbeing. 94% of nurses who used the app said that it helped them to feel better, while over half reported improved confidence and 100% felt they’d benefit from continuing to use the platform.

To download the platform or learn more about ShinyMind, just click below!