Our friends at the North East and North Cumbria ICS Staff Wellbeing Hub are introducing a novel psychological programme that helps boost resilience and aid you in overcoming stress or traumatic experiences.

Recent Traumatic Episode and Group Traumatic Episode Protocols can provide you with support across instances of traumatic stress, bereavement or losses, difficult experiences which stick in your mind, work-related stress and repeated stressful experiences as well as feelings of persistent fear, guilt or shame.

The programme uses evidenced-based protocols help you in feeling less worried or upset and unlike many other programmes does not require you to talk in detail about your experiences.

Programmes are generally done in groups or teams and often take place online, and use eye movements and knowledge of how the brain works to help build resilience across only 2-3 sessions which each last around 90 minutes.

To find out more about this support offer, please call the Wellbeing Hub team on 0191 223 2030 or email on [email protected].