Our next Schwartz Round is set to be the first to take place in-person and on-site at Gateshead Health, taking place on Thursday 27th April in the Lecture Theatre at the QE Hospital.

We would love to see some of you returning to Schwartz Rounds and experiencing them in the format they were originally designed. There’s definitely an added dimension to experiencing a round in person as opposed to over a screen – grateful though we are for the technology which has allowed that to happen!

Our April title is ‘Heroes to Zero’s’ with a focus on how it feels to work in healthcare right now, compared to how it felt just a couple of years ago when people were on their doorsteps clapping for ‘NHS heroes’.  Did you ever feel like you were a hero?  Are you simply a professional who wants to come to work and do a great job?  How does it feel to see the negative newspaper headlines about the NHS?

One thing we struggle with our Schwartz Rounds is in recruiting storytellers. For lots of people, this can be quite cathartic, and always feels supportive thanks to the help of our trained facilitators. If you’re joining us, would you consider being a storyteller for this round?

If you’re thinking about it but you’re unsure, please get in touch on [email protected] and we can get one of the Schwartz Round team to get in touch and have a chat about it.