Today Gateshead Health relaunches its partnership with Liaison Onecall, the organisation’s chosen provider of a salary sacrifice scheme for home technology and white goods.

Previously, terms of our partnership meant that colleagues could only view and apply to make purchases via salary sacrifice in selected windows. These windows have now been abolished, meaning our microsite,, is now available to view and use at any time.

With products available including computers, televisions, mobile phones, wearables, fridges, freezers, ovens and washing machines, the relaunch of the platform provides colleagues with a potentially useful option when in need of making what might be a costly outlay.

Making a purchase through the platform means you can spread payment over a period of time (generally 24 or 36 months), with your payments taken directly from your salary. This can help you to save in National Insurance and Pension contributions, and helps Liaison to offer goods at a saving of what they describe as usually between 22% – 33%.

Eligibility criteria do apply for this benefit, and all purchase requests are subject to approval. Only permanent colleagues of Gateshead Health can access this service (or those who are on a fixed-term contract for at least the length of their chosen repayment period). As a  result, this service is unfortunately not available to our bank and QE Facilities colleagues. Users of the service must be 18+, and any purchase made can not take you below the National Living Wage after payment is taken from your salary. Maximum allowances also apply.

The relaunch of this offer comes after we stepped up promotion of our car leasing programme with NTW Solutions earlier in the year, which also helps colleagues to access what would usually be a more expensive purchase through salary sacrifice or salary deduction.

To learn more about our partnership with Liasion Onecall and view frequently asked questions, please visit our newest webpage: Home Technology. Alteratively, you can head straight to to find out more, check out what products are available and apply to make a purchase.