Let’s face it, the first few days of January don’t often feel like a new start. Many of us are just getting over the festive fog, counting down to our next payday, and some of us are even guilty of still having our holiday decorations up.

Then comes Blue Monday – but let’s not accept our fate and instead see it as a chance to take stock and plan out the year ahead. Our finances in particular may have taken a beating over the festive season, so let’s start there!

Our financial wellbeing provider, Salary Finance, have shared some ideas to help beat the blues:

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Many of us will have challenges to contend with at the start of the year, but facing up to it and drawing up realistic goals can make you feel a little less blue.

Don’t forget – through Salary Finance you also have options to borrow affordably through salary, access your pay when you need it, save easily through salary and learn better money habits.. To find out more, visit:  home.salaryfinance.com/gatesheadhealth.

And remember, you can always find more financial wellbeing resources here on balancegateshead.com – including our guide to financial wellbeing which aims to provide ‘something for everyone’, as well as our partnership with Citizens Advice Gateshead who are helping #TeamGateshead colleagues access more income, tackle debts and more.

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