As part of our efforts to celebrate the 75th birthday of the NHS in early July, we’re currently in the midst of a month-long step count challenge.

Record numbers have entered the challenge this year, with 74 teams and over 350 colleagues participating, getting more active and boosting their step counts throughout June and into July.

Most team captains have now submitted their results for the first week, and we’re pleased to reveal our first set of league tables. As no teams entered the 3,000 step league, there are only league tables for target step counts of 7000, 10,000 and 13,000 steps per day.

Prizes are up for grabs for each league winner so keep up the great work. Whether you’re up the top end or elsewhere, hopefully our first league table helps act as motivation for yourself and your team to drive forward and keep upping your step count.

Remember, many colleagues are meeting at 12:30pm outside the Windy Nook entrance for a brisk 20-minute site walk daily. The walk is an easy 2250 steps and all are welcome to join. You’re also welcome to create a regular walk within your team, at a time or location which might site you better!