The NENC ICS Staff Wellbeing Hub team are asking black and minioritised staff to participate in a new survey to help choose and design the resources it offers.

Sangini (a friend, in Hindi) are working with the Wellbeing Hub to develop wellbeing resources for black and minoritised women health and care sector staff, and is a black and minoritised women-led organisation. The organisation focus on encouraging women from different communities to engage, create, share and build stronger voices by removing barriers they may face in their everyday lives.

Over the past 20 years, Sangini has pioneered an arts-basd approach to tackling social issues affecting women and girls from BAME and socially-exclused groups in the Tyne and Wear region, such as violence and buse, mental health, social isolation and women’s rights.

To help direct these efforts, please take the time to complete a survey on the button below. A member of the Sangini team will also get in touch with you to discuss your ideas and potential participation. For further info, you can also contact [email protected].