Gateshead Health’s staff netball team competed in their first fixture last week, taking part in a well-contested fixture against UNW.

Though the team couldn’t quite manage to win their opener, the #GatesheadHealth troops did manage to pick up pick up a point for scoring more than half of their opponents score in the 11-19 defeat.

Tonight the team will go again as they come up against Hexham Highlights, who mirrored our opening result with an 11-19 of their own. Tonight will be the team’s only scheduled fixture of the campaign to take place at the Excelsior Academy, with the rest set to be hosted at Kenton School.

The Gateshead Health team is full of mixed abilities and levels of experience, ranging from players who still take part in local teams weekly to those who haven’t played since back in school. We have a WhatsApp group where availability is organised ahead of each game. If you would like to join the group and help us boost our player pool, just complete our sign-up form and we’ll get you added in!

To help keep things affordable, the league sets cost at under £4 per person, per match. If now isn’t the best time, our sign-up form can also be found via our Physical Activities page at any time – where you’ll also be able to learn more about other opportunities to get active through the workplace. That said, we encourage anyone interested to join the WhatsApp group to keep tabs on things and offer to get involved as and when they can!

Gateshead Health Netball Fixtures – Summer League 2024:

  • Wednesday 1st May, 7:45pm vs UNW @ Kenton School (11-19)
  • Wednesday 8th May, 8:30pm vs Hexham Highlights @ Excelsior Academy
  • Wednesday 5th June, 8:00pm vs Muckle @ Kenton School
  • Wednesday 26th June, 8:00pm vs Great Park Purples @ Kenton School
  • Wednesday 3rd July, 7:15pm vs Gals Purples @ Kenton School
  • Wednesday 10th July, 6:30pm vs NEAS @ Kenton School
  • Wednesday 17th July, 7:15pm vs Gals Greens @ Kenton School

Those interested in learning more about the league can also join its dedicated Facebook group, Kenton/Tyne Met Social League.

Best of luck to those taking part in the fixtures for tonight & the rest of the year – we look forward to seeing how things unfold and hope you enjoy it. Big thanks also goes to those involved who are kindly helping organise things and keep things on track, including Kaisha Watson to who the team photo credit goes to!