Gateshead Health has signed the organisational charter for sexual safety in healthcare, acting as a commitment towards tackling unwanted, inappropriate and/or harmful sexual behaviour in the workplace.

Unfortunately, these kinds of behaviours can at times involve those we are there to care for. Highlighting this, our 2023 Staff Survey results highlighted that nearly 1 in 10 #TeamGateshead colleagues had experienced unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature from patients/service users, their relatives or other members of the public.

This page exists to highlight the actions you can take if you have been the victim of sexual misconduct from a patient, to identify the most suitable reporting routes available to you as well as signpost to the routes of support which may be of use to you.

Those reading this page may also wish to refer to the organisation’s sexual safety policy for more information. Included within the policy are sections on expected behaviours, responding to a sexual safety incident, incidents of non-physical and physical natures, witnessing a sexual safety incident, being accused of a sexual safety incident and more.