More than 2,400,000 adults are estimated to have experienced domestic abuse. The National Centre for Domestic Violence and Abuse believe one in five adults will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, with figures translating to around 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6-7 men.

Despite the clear prevalence, there is good reason to believe that these figures may be even worse in reality, with those who experience domestic abuse often afraid to come forward and report it.

Indeed, domestic abuse is sadly such a common experience for women that violence against women and girls is one of seven ‘priority areas’ listed within the NHS Women’s Health Strategy. To find out more about targeted support for women who have experienced violence, please visit our dedicated violence page within the Women’s Health area.

This page exists to highlight the reporting mechanisms available to you if you are experiencing domestic abuse (regardless of your gender), and to signpost to providers of targeted support to help you take steps towards a better future – whether that be through reporting, refuge, one-to-one support, peer support or otherwise.