As part of Gateshead Listening Project efforts, we’re inviting staff to share their experiences of working and living through Covid as we look to capture the historic period in time while providing you with an opportunity to reflect and be heard.

It is hoped that an eBook can be launched in early Summer 2023, packed with your stories of hope, distress, compassion, fear, camararderie and much more.

As an organisation, we’re keen to capture the time in a way that we can look back on in years to come – and you can play a pivotal role in helping us to do so!

To get involved, simply complete the submission form via the button below and share your story directly with us. If you’d prefer to speak to a member of the Gateshead Listening Project team you can get in touch via email on [email protected] or via phone on 07790 960 117; and we’d also massively appreciate your help in spreading the word amongst your teams, too!

You can also learn more about the Gateshead Listening Project over on our newest webpage, which outlines some of the other work that is also going on to provide our colleagues with the opportunity to reflect, discuss and be heard.