As we continue to develop our dedicated health and wellbeing website, and continue looking for ways to diversify, promote and improve our support and work, today we have launched a new personal support page.

Focusing on long-term conditions and long-Covid, our newest page sits under mental wellbeing support and aims to provide useful signposting and information to sufferers of long-term conditions.

Long-term conditions tend to be most prevalent in those who are older, meaning they have potential to impact some of our most experienced colleagues. We hope that our latest addition is useful to those who suffer from a long-term condition.

Our latest news section has been home to a number of articles promoting support for those who suffer with a long-term condition, including a number of items promoting NENC ICS Staff Wellbeing Hub‘s rotational programme of support for sufferers.

A development plan for the website continues to grow, and will see new pages promoting our on-site library, health and wellbeing ambassadors as well as further targeted personal support signposting across areas including domestic violence, sexual abuse, gambling and more over the coming months. If there is a specific addition you’d like to see, please make use of our digital suggestion box.