The NENC ICS Staff Wellbeing Hub continues to promote a range of wellbeing offers to staff which are free-to-access and available to all #TeamGateshead colleagues.

If you’re looking to get fit, destress, be more mindful, receive coaching, show more self-compassion or are managing a long-term condition, the Hub has a range of offers which might be of interest to you. Amongst these include:

  • danceSing on Demand:
    An online fitness and arts platform that blends the two to help you train your vocal chords through singing, choir, vocal trianing, dance, mind and body fitness. Suitable for everyone from beginners to performers, you can learn more about this offer by e-mailing [email protected].
  • Mindfulness support:
    A range of options suitable for all, helping you be more mindful, from drop-in sessions to taster sessions, introductory courses to 8-week courses and follow-up activities all available through the Hub. To find out more about this offer, please e-mail [email protected] or phone on 01325 552 017.
  • Coaching:
    Offered in association with Readhead Associates, one-to-one bespoke coaching and mentoring is available to colleagues via phone, Teams or Zoom. This offer usually lasts 2-3 sessions which are spaced three months apart, and focuses on career development, retirement planning, skill development and goal planning for the short, medium and long-term.nt and retirement planning with an emphasis on developing skills and goal planning for the short, medium and long term. To learn more, please e-mail [email protected].
  • Self-Compassion courses:
    Self-compassion is a form of self-care and a free online course designed by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Chris Irons, is available to all colleagues. The programme is formed of four 30 minute videos which guide you through key principles and practices of self-compassion, and a variety of practices which can be completed in under 10 minutes to help you build self-compassion and reduce distress. To access the online course, please email [email protected].
  • Long-term conditions:
    A new 8-week course will commence from 28th June and will last until 30th August, providing colleagues with training to develop awareness and pacing to override habits, an exploration of recommended physical exercises and activities as well as the support from others with similar experiences and challenges in a safe space. This is for any colleague with a long-term condition (including long covid) and can be accessed by requesting a screening appointment via email on [email protected] or by phone on 0191 223 2030.

The NENC ICS Staff Wellbeing Hub continues to promote a range of further support over on their website. To view more or keep up to date with any new additions, just visit their site via the button below.