Those who experience symptoms of menopause will be son able to access cheaper Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) through a new prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) set to launch from 1st April 2023.

It is anticipated that the introduction of the support will help save over 400,000 women in saving hundreds of pounds per year by making a year’s worth of HRT cost just £18.70. Improving access to HRT can help improve the lives of millions who experience symptoms of menopause,

PPC’s will be flexible, enabling access to a list of HRT prescription items including patches, tablets and topical preparations. Those using a PPC can access an unlimited number of the items, and there’ll be no limit to how many times the certificate itself can be used while it remains valid.

Around three quarters of women experience symptoms of menopause, with 1 in 4 experiencing servere symptoms which have a serious impact on their quality of life. The number of people accessing HRT products has risen over the past two years, and it’s hoped that in improving accessibility to products, increases will continue.

To find out more about the introduction of the HRT-only PPC – including a full list of the products that can be accessed through the certificate, click the button below.