Gateshead colleagues can now access a free online self-compassion course, helping you to support yourself while working in the stressful environment that is healthcare.

The course, designed by Clinical Psychologist Dr Chris Irons, aims to provide you with maximum benefit from a minimal amount of time commitment in a programme which consists of:

  • Four 30-minute videos, intended to be viewed once per week, which guide you through key ideas and practices of self-compassion. Each is accompanied by a short summary handout.
  • A variety of practices, each less than 10 minutes, designed to build self-compassion and reduce psychological distress.

The online course is currently being evaluated at University College London, and initial results show that people who complete the course have seen significant reductions in depression, anxiety, stress, shame, self-criticism, and feelings of insecurity in relationships.

For more information or to reqest access, please email [email protected].