This month congratulations are shared between joint winners, with Helen Phillips and Karen Haley chosen as February 2023 Star of the Month winners by our Executive Team.

Helen works in Maternity and was nominated by Pav McIntyre, while Karen works in Paediatrics and was nominated by Michelle Thomas. Both were nominated for the outstanding and compassionate care they provided for patients and families who had experienced the loss of a child. Full nominations can be seen below.

Why Helen is a star:

Helen scanned a patient whose baby had sadly died. Helen was so kind and considerate when speaking with the patient about the loss and the process going forward.

The patients contacted Helen a few days later to say that their other child was really struggling with the pregnancy loss. Helen has taken it upon herself to create a sibling box including a teddy bear for her and her sibling so they always have a memento to link them together. There is also a notebook (to write and draw for her lost sibling) and a beautiful keepsake box for her to cherish.

I’m very proud to have Helen on my team.

Why Karen is a star:

Karen is one of our HCA’S who has worked in the trust for many years within paediatrics. Last week she had an extremely difficult task, to assist me in caring for a child after he sadly passed away. This was the first time Karen had to assist in this role.

Karen showed such care and compassion towards this child by helping to create precious memories for the family from the 4Louis box.  She was a comfort for both the family and myself during an extremely difficult time. I am so proud of Karen for what she did that day.

A massive congratulations and thanks goes to both Helen and Karen for their incredible care and work, as well as Pav and Michelle for their nominations. We hope you enjoy your deserved prizes.

To nominate a Star for March, please visit StaffZone and find the Star Awards area under the Trust A-Z, or click the button below if you’re on a Trust device.