We’re taking part in the global bike challenge!

Cycle September is a month-long competition from Love to Ride, which aims to get more people riding bikes. At a time when environmental issues, wellness, and money saving are an important factor for many, there has never been a better time to ride a bike.

Last year more than 51,000 riders from almost 7,000 businesses took part including over 5,500 people who were new to riding! They hopped on their bikes, logged their rides, encouraged their friends and family to join, and won amazing prizes for their efforts. This year is set to be bigger and better, and [business name] have signed up.

For Cycle September it doesn’t matter if you ride every day or if you haven’t been on a bike in years. Love to Ride are behaviour change experts who have refined their approach by helping over 625,000 people worldwide get into biking, including over 146,000 new riders who report having never ridden a bike or only ridden a few times in the last year. Love to Ride has lots of resources to help people ride out with confidence, from Top Tips articles and Quick Courses.

There are so many benefits to be enjoyed from riding a bike, and Cycle September is all about embracing each and every one of them, such as:

⚡️ Supercharged physical health – even a 10-minute bike ride will boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular health, and help you live longer!

???? Improved mental health – riding a bike is a mindful activity that promotes the release of endorphins and can reduce the causes of depression

???? Reduced stress and anxiety – biking can calm the mind, improve self-confidence, and elevate your mood

???? Protecting the planet – reduce your carbon footprint by leaving the car at home

???? Saving money – cut down on transport costs and car maintenance

Taking part in Cycle September is easy. Ride for 10 minutes or more, log your ride, and start earning points to win prizes and climb the leaderboards.

So how does it work?

  • Register for free at lovetoride.net/gateshead
  • Join Gateshead Health so your points contribute to the leaderboard
  • Start logging your bike rides to earn riding points.
  • Encourage friends and family (not just co-workers) to win BIG! If they register and add you as their encourager, you’ll score 50 or 100 points.
  • More points mean more chances to climb the leaderboards and win prizes!

Register for Cycle September to elevate your energy, axe your anxiety, protect the planet and heighten your happy!

Those interested in helping us to promote Cycle September can also download and display the promotional poster via the button below.

Elsewhere, anyone interested in getting involved in cycling can find out more about our Cycle to Work schemes, available through both Cyclescheme and Green Commute Initiative.