The previously-agreed trial to extend opening hours at our Bensham catering facility, The Park Deli, has now been postponed until the month of September.

It is hoped that delaying the trial will help to provide a more accurate data-set, with many staff taking leave at a time when children are enjoying their summer holidays. This will also enable our catering team to more effectively manage resource during August as staffing pressures continue.

The trial will now take place during September, and will see opening hours of 9:00am – 4:30pm tested, an extension of the current closure time of 2:00pm.

A trial was agreed following further feedback from our Bensham colleagues, who had previously told us that a slightly later opening time of 9:30am had prevented some community colleagues from accessing the facility.

The Health and Wellbeing Team would like to thank our catering team for their efforts in accomodating a trial, our Bensham colleagues for their continued valuable feedback, and Julie Cockburn for helping raise and solve problems..